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AlphaNovel wants to encourage every author for their work

That is why we suggest bonuses for exclusive and non-exclusive contracts.


*Depending on the contract, the bonus amount and criteria would differ.

Bonuses Plan

Exclusive novel bonuses plan

Long, exciting novels get their own special attention!



100-150K Words



150-200K Words



200K+ Words

*The maximum bonuses plan is calculated above when all thresholds are reached and bonus conditions are met. This plan does not include revenue share, which authors earn with books.


We suggest the best royalty option – Up to 60% Net Revenue share


Over 80% of experienced authors choose the Net Revenue share model.

How does it work? Net Revenue = total coins amount received from users - costs (marketing, transaction fees, store commission etc.) x your % of the Net revenue. AlphaNovel offers 60% of the Net revenue for Exclusive novels and 50% for Non-Exclusive ones.


AlphaNovel also has a Gross revenue share model – 15% for exclusive and 10% for non-exclusive authors.


Apply for a contract easily!

We are looking into both quality & authenticity of books very thoroughly to reward original content creators!

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Upload your novel, apply for a contract

Make sure that your content is properly edited and proofread. Once you upload 10k words of your novel, the ability to apply for a contract opens.

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Fill out an application, tell us about yourself and the novel

We want to know more about your work snd background to provide you with the most relevant promotion and opportunities.

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Sign the contract, safe and easy with PandaDoc

Once we check your novel for compliance, you’ll be ready to sign right away.

Learn more about sign contract at our Writers guide.


Your contract is ready and active!

Once the contract is signed by both parties, the chapters lock and you could start earning your royalties!



It is your time to shine! We offer in-app promos, as well as marketing and SMM promos for the best authors.

AlphaNovel uses a data-driven approach that helps to evaluate the organic activity of readers. Novels that are gaining popularity among readers are automatically promoted by AlphaNovel. Based on readers engagement, AlphaNovel will select the best promo option for your novel and help you find your reader.

Depending on the performance, your novel can get to:

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In-App Promotion

We have a variety of top charts and categories to highlight your novels! Initially, your novel might be listed in the sections for New books: Best Newcomers, Trending, To Be Loved, Rising Stars, Thrilling Reading, Noteworthy. If the book shows good traction, our automatic promotion system will add it to our Top Picks selections: Top Trending, Hottest New, Editor’s Choice, Only at AlphaNovel, Top Werewolf, Top Billionaire/CEO, Top Romance, Top Paranormal, Top Fantasy, Top YA/Teen, Top LGBTQ+.

The best novels would definitely get into the “Best match for you” novels!

In-app promotion is based on readers engagement and our ranking algorithms. The more readers enjoy your novel, the more promo score & ranks you get! Our goal is to make sure that all authors have an opportunity to shine and reach new audiences.


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